Advanced Medical Transcription Online Course

"Thank you, very much, for this opportunity. To hear [instructors] address the procedures, outlines, criteria, and expectations was such a great guide. Knowing that [instructors] would take the time to offer a personal walk provides great confidence in the type of professionalism and team involvement unique to Med-Line." - Laura G.

"Thanks so much for the welcome as well. I appreciate all the help you have given me so far in getting enrolled and being so informative and quick with replies. I was having trouble finding a school that I wanted to go to because I wanted an advanced course that took me from beginner to advanced and I ran into a lot of the schools not bothering to reply back to my emails or phone calls if I left a message. So i really am grateful that I was able to find a school that offered what I was looking for and had a team that is very responsive and helpful. I think I made a great decision in what school to attend. Thanks again." - Kate P.

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