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Med-Line Medical Transcription Training Program

"The best part of the training is the Internship.  Real work, real dictators, and yes, really getting paid while you learn.  Can’t beat that!" - Margit A.

"Thank you, very much, for this opportunity. To hear [my instructor] address the procedures, outlines, criteria, and expectations was such a great guide. Knowing that [my instructor] would take the time to offer a personal walk provides great confidence in the type of professionalism and team involvement unique to Med-Line." - Laura G.

"Thanks so much for the welcome as well. I appreciate all the help you have given me so far in getting enrolled and being so informative and quick with replies. I was having trouble finding a school that I wanted to go to because I wanted an advanced course that took me from beginner to advanced and I ran into alot of the schools not bothering to reply back to my emails or phone calls if I left a message. So i really am grateful that I was able to find a school that offered what I was looking for and had a team that is very responsive and helpful. I think I made a great decision in what school to attend. Thanks again." - Kate P.

Med-Line Credentialing Training

"The study group helped keep me on track and motivated.  I felt ultra-prepared when I took the RMT exam, and passed with great scores!  The teachers really care about making you a better MT." - Margit A.

"The program was very well presented and organized.  I felt more confident during the exam since my instructor had presented and reviewed sample questions formatted similarly to those of the actual exam." - Carol M.

"I think the program is great. It really helped me in preparing  for the exam. Would definitely recommend this program to all transcriptionists, seasoned as well beginner transcriptionists!" - Susie W.

"Hi- I wanted to let you know that I took my exam last night and I passed. Thanks for all your help and support during the study group. I'm sure the study group classes made it much easier for me to pass the test the first time. Thanks again." - Kathy A

"Wanted to let you know that I passed my test today.  YAY!  The one thing I will say is no matter how hard you study, you can never be 100% prepared.  I think overall I did well.  Thanks for all your help.  Don't think I would have passed it otherwise." - Dee M.

"Thank you for wishing me well on the RMT exam. I passed it! I am so excited that I can now call myself an RMT! Your class helped me out tremendously! I am eful for all the help." - Stephanie D.

"I passed. I didn't rush in any way, and marked about twenty questions for final review. I was still done with the exam, including reviewing the marked questions, in a little over an hour and a half, and I was deliberately typing very slowly and quadruple-checking my keystrokes and spelling." - Karen O.

"I just wanted to pass along the results of my first QA on my first "real world" transcription. I owe it all to you! Take care--and many, many thanks!" - Sarah W.


"I attended the your "Surgical Terms" webinar today.  Listening to you go over the info was like hearing a good pep talk.  Love your enthusiasm!!" - Jackie N.

"I just finished the recording of your Neurology Webinar (great presentation!).  I think this is one of the areas I would like to specialize in and your notes were great!" - Laura M.

"Hi.  Thank you once again for an excellent Webinar today!" - Sharon R.

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