pexels-photo-263370Over the past decade, the HIM industry has seen a dramatic increase in the number of medical scribes employed in the US healthcare system. physicians and other healthcare providers have become overburdened with the demands of medical documentation and other clerical requirements, which impacts their ability to focus on patient care. To help relieve this burden, many are employing Medical Scribes.

Medical scribes work in tandem with physicians by handling clerical and other non-medical interactions. Scribes are the conduit from the physician to the electronic health record (EHR).

The medical scribe serves a vital role in the medical office work flow.  The role provides a strong career path into healthcare information management.  It also serves as a starting place for those who wish to transition into hand-on medical care roles by offering valuable workplace experience with patients and office workflow.

Although earning potential varies with location, medical scribes typically earn $10-$16 an hour.



Enter data into the medical record in real time (or virtually, using physician’s instructions about a patient encounter).

Organize information on the patient’s visit.

Assist the physician in filling in the details required on patient chart templates, prompting and clarifying when necessary/

Help physicians manage patient flow by keeping track of patient’s during their visit.

Keep track of medical test results, alerting providers when results are available and inputting results into the record.