Medical Transcription Programs

Advanced Medical Transcription Online Course

Med-Line School leads the field in medical transcription and medical editing training.  As an ACCP-approved program with 25 years in the industry, Med-Line offers a complete program that is unrivaled. Med-Line’s complete medical transcription program is self-paced and on average it takes about 18 months. Med-Line School trains to the acute care level, the highest in the business. Med-Line School uses credentialed instructors who work in the industry to offer the most effective training. Med-Line offers an externship to qualified students, a rarity in medical transcription training. Upon graduation, Med-Line offers individualized job placement assistance.  Med-Line School of Medical Transcription has an outstanding track record for graduate placement.

Career Advancement Course:  Acute Care Transition for MTs

Acute care medical transcriptionists are in very high demand.  The Career Advancement Course is the smartest choice you can make when it comes to career advancement in medical transcription.  Our continuing education course is designed to take a medical transcriptionist from the clinic work level to acute care preparedness. Our distance education program offers a cutting edge 6-month continuing education program that's been specifically designed for undertrained graduates of other medical transcription programs or practicing MTs who require advanced training in order to best qualify for becoming an acute care health documentation specialist.  Career Advancement Course students have participated in Med-Line School’s medical transcription externship program and have gone onto successful placement. 

Credentialing Study Groups:  RMT, CMT, CQE

Being credentialed in the field of medical transcription is more important than ever.  There is current lobbying to make credentials a requirement to be able to work as a medical transcriptionist.  Med-Line has organized study groups and we are looking for dedicated and determined transcriptionists to study for a 16-week period  in preparation for the RMT, CMT, and CQE examinations.  The study group will consist of formal study and presentations, mock exams, reviews, and make-up sessions, and testing.  Med-Line will provide a complete study syllabus, webinars meetings, book list, study tips, exercises, and support to guide you through your preparation.

Webinar Menu

Med-Line School offers an extensive webinar menu for all levels of medical transcriptionists.  Our experienced staff has generated webinars covering subjects including level 1 RMT material, medical transcription tools, technology in our workplace, medicolegal issues, and clinical medicine.  Meet online with our instructors for presentations suitable for students, practicing MTs, and CMTs.

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