Career Advancement Course

Program Description

The program is comprised of six months of training broken down into three main modules:

I. Anatomy and Physiology Review
A thorough review of human anatomy and physiology, from cells and tissues to every body  system. Using your own resources and the Internet, complete detailed research projects that help cement your knowledge base in this very important area of medicine. (Textbook provided)

II. Transcription Preparation
A systematic assessment of the essentials in a wide variety of topics, including principles of medical terminology, laboratory studies and medical imaging, pharmacology, the mechanics of grammar and punctuation, and the crucial fundamentals of the Book of Style (working with companion Book of Style Work-book).

III. Transcription Practice
The heart of medical transcription is transcription. You will receive extensive transcription practice covering more than 15 body systems to help reinforce listening skills and foster accurate transcription in each of these vital areas.

This course will enable you to develop a more solid foundation of the nature and challenges of medical transcription in order to succeed as a professional healthcare documentation specialist in this demanding, but very rewarding, career.

Professional Benefits

  • Receive personal guidance and support from high-level industry professionals with comprehensive feedback to help prepare you for work as an acute care MT.
  • Work at your own pace as you explore distinct areas of study and review the core fundamentals of transcribing accurate and professional appearing medical reports.
  • Upon meeting the competencies, you may qualify for our externship program where you will transcribe documents by real dictators from live patient encounters.
  • We offer placement to graduates who meet the competencies of our program.

Note: This program is NOT for MTs without transcription experience. We will call after you register to verify that the program is a fit for your needs.

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