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Your New Career as a Medical Transcriptionist

Posted by Chad Sines on Mon, May 05, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

Get jobAre you seeking a new career? Looking for something that you know will have jobs available in the future? What about a career in medical transcription? Medical Transcriptionists are currently in high-demand. You can train in a matter of months and earn money as a full-time employee, or a work-at-home contractor. Let's examine some of the benefits of medical transcription credential training. 

Full-Time Employment

Medical transcription credential training will give you the boost you need to jump start your new career. With premium transcription training from Med-Line School and their credential preparation program, you will find yourself qualified to work for national services, hospitals, clinics and doctors as a skilled, full-time employee. 


As a private contractor, you will have the opportunity to have as many private clients that you have the ability to service. Thinking bigger? Why not be an entrepreneur and start your own medical transcription company? You can hire your own staff of skilled medical transcriptionists to work for you. Obtain your own contracts with hospitals, clinics and doctors and have your team there to provide the quality work. Sound good? This could be you with the right medical transcription credential training. 

High Demand

Over the last decade, doctors have made the transition from tapes to digital dictation. They found that tape files took up too much storage space. Plus, they are just not as secure as digital audio files, which can be transmitted over secure servers. Only highly skilled professionals are qualified to provide these services. That's why medical transcriptionists are currently in high-demand. How does this benefit you once your medical transcription credential training is complete?
  • The documents can be transmitted to anywhere from your work-at-home office. That means that you can live in one state, and have a medical transcription client in a completely different state.
  • Insurance companies will not pay invoices submitted by hospitals, clinics and doctors until the completed transcription report is submitted. They need trained transcriptionists like you to do this.
  • Jobs in the healthcare field are in high-demand, even in our tough economy. No matter how rough things get, people will always get sick, have accidents, give birth, need x-rays and need regular check-ups. Your medical transcription training will qualify you to become an important part of this ever-growing field. 

Growing Field

  • The US Department of Labor has done extensive research on the upcoming growth in the healthcare industry. They project an 11% growth in the industry in the next seven years. They further project that it will generate 3.2 million new jobs by 2018. Of the 20 fastest growing occupations, 10 belong to the healthcare field.
  • A study was done by the Medical Transcription Industry Alliance (now CDIA). According to CDIA's 2011 U.S. Transcription Services Study, the medical transcription market has an expected growth of 15-20% over the next decade. With an expected growth that high, don't you think it's time to complete your medical transcription credential training to start your new career now?

* Isn't that a great reason to start your medical transcription training now? 

Choose the Right School

Med-Line School is ADHI-approved. We offer licensed distance learning courses, fully-credentialed CMT instructors, an externship and superior job placement services. Contact us for medical transcription credential training pricing information. 

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