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Ready to Seek Your Credentials?

Posted by Chad Sines on Mon, Mar 24, 2014 @ 08:00 AM

Med-Line School of Medical TranscriptionEveryone sees the significant letters after a transcriptionist’s name. They are a goal for many MTs?  Are you ready for your credentials?

While an MT can study by themselves or in informal study groups, experience has shown that the most successful outcome can best be achieved through a well-designed program that is fully compliant with the current credentialing Blueprint. 

Med-Line School has become a leader in credentialing preparation. Our classes are designed by credentialed instructors who continually revise the program based on changes to the AHDI Blueprint as well as feedback from test takers. This has allowed us to continue to have a high rate of success for credentialing.

Med-Line School will be holding its next credentialing course in just a few weeks. The cost is a low $50. This continues to be the lowest cost in the industry. 

As a great way to increase your success, we are also offering some free add-ons valued at over $400. 

  • Nine speciality webinars to help you fine tune your knowledge of critical areas.
  • A grammar refresher course. Focus on areas of concern for most MTs.
  • A Book of Style refresher course. A must know for all.<

Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist

Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist

We would appreciate if you could share this with any uncredentialed MTs you know and considering joining one of these groups if you are uncredentialed. 

Together we can all continue the drive towards having every MT credentialed.

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