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New Program Offering - HIM for MTs and Coders

Posted by Chad Sines on Fri, Jun 28, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

himMed-Line has added a new course to our program offerings that covers a major weakness that most MTs and coders have, Health Information Management. As you can see from the outline below, the topics cover a lot of information that most are unfamiliar with. This is a perfect course for anyone looking to remain competitive in a rapidly diversifying market.

This course is roughly 3 months, but it can be completed much faster or you can take longer if you choose, up to 12 months. The course comes with a university-level textbook and is on our state-of-the-art adaptive learning Genesis system.

The course has been approved by AHDI for 10 CECS: 4 PD, 4 ML, and 2 TW

The course is a low $300. You can register here. Be sure to put your current address on the PayPal payment.

The course outline is below: 

1. Health Care Delivery Systems.
History of Medicine and Health Care Delivery. Continuum of Care. Health Care Facility Ownership. Health Care Facility Organizational Structure. Licensure, Regulation, and Accreditation.

2. Health Information Management Professionals.
Careers. Professional Practice Experience. Join Your Professional Association.

3. Health Care Settings.
Acute Care Facilities (Hospitals). Ambulatory and Outpatient Care. Behavioral Health Care Facilities. Home Care and Hospice. Long-Term Care. Managed Care. Federal, State, and Local Health Care.

4. The Patient Record: Hospital, Physician Office, and Alternate Care Settings.
Definition and Purpose of the Patient Record. Provider Documentation Responsibilities. Development of the Patient Record. Patient Record Formats. Archived Records. Patient Record Completion Responsibilities.

5. Electronic Health Records.
Evolution of Electronic Health Records. Electronic Health Record Systems. Regional Health Information Organizations. Impact of the American Recovery Reinvestment Act, Public Law 111-5. Components of Electronic Health Record Systems Used in Health Care.

6. Content of the Patient Record: Inpatient, Outpatient, and Physician Office.
General Documentation Issues. Hospital Inpatient Record-Administrative Data. Hospital Inpatient Record-Clinical Data. Hospital Outpatient Record. Physician Office Record. Forms Control and Design.

7. Numbering Filing Systems and Record Storage & Circulation.
Numbering Systems. Filing Systems. Filing Equipment. File Folders. Filing Controls. Loose Filing. Circulation Systems. Security of Health Information.

8. Indexes, Registers, and Health Data Collection.
Indexes. Registers and Registries. Case Abstracting. Health Data Collection.

9. Legal Aspects of Health Information Management.
Legal and Regulatory Terms. Maintaining the Patient Record in theNormal Course of Business. Confidentiality of Information and HIPAA Privacy and Security Provisions. Legislation that Impacts Health Information Management. Release of Protected Health Information.

10. Coding and Reimbursement.
Nomenclatures and Classification Systems. Third-party Payers. Health Care Reimbursement Systems.


Topics: Continuing Education