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Goal Setting Series - Ten Keys to Success - Pt 3

Posted by Chad Sines on Tue, Jun 18, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Continued from Part 2

We already spoke about the importance of goals. Today I would like to discuss how to achieve any goals you set by following ten simple keys. These are applicable to your success at Med-Line School as well as the rest of your life.

1.  Write It Down
Goals are specific, measurable, and time-bounded. Write your goals so that they reflect all three components.
2.  List Your Personal Benefits
Identify exactly "Why" you want to achieve this goal. List all the ways you will you benefit personally.
3.  Analyze Your Current Position
Success is information dependent. You need integrity in your information. Identify exactly your specific strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities as it relates to achieving this goal.
4.  Identify Obstacles and Risks

List everything that could possibly prevent you from achieving this goal.
5.  Identify Investments and Sacrifices
List everything, including time, money, and sacrifices that you can anticipate.

 Med-Line Success

6.  Knowledge Requirements
Identify what additional knowledge you need to acquire or have access to.
7.  Support Team

List the people, groups, and organizations you may need help from as well as the specific role each one plays.
8.  Develop Your Plan

List in chronological order each activity and their corresponding target dates for completion. Use all the information gathered in previous steps to develop your plan.
9.  Set a Deadline

Determine on what date you will achieve this goal
10.  Reward and Celebrate

Identify your reward for the achievement of this goal. You deserve it!

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