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Posted by Chad Sines on Fri, Apr 12, 2013 @ 10:33 AM

describe the imageClinical Medicine CECs are one of the most often requested. Med-Line has three bundles available covering a broad range of topics. Each are only $30 and include 5 clinical medicine CEC credits. Get all three bundles today and bank 15 CECs.

Clinical Medicine I Bundle- $30
Cardiac Valve Disease- 1 CM
Fibromyalgia & Trigger Point Therapy- 1 CM
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy- 1 CM
Depression- The Misunderstood Epidemic- 1 CM
Barrett's Esophagitis- 1 CM 

Get Clinical Medicine I


Clinical Medicine II Bundle- $30
Ophthalmology- 1.5 CM
Fundamentals of Surgery in Transcription- 1.5 CM
Celiac Disease- The Mystery Disease- 1 CM
Colon Cancer - 1 CM

Get Clinical Medicine II


Clinical Medicine III Bundle- $30
Crohn's Disease- New Research and Novel Treatments- 1 CM 
Oncology- 1 CM
Irritable Bowel Syndrome- 1 CM
Gastric Cancer - 1 CM 

Get Clinical Medicine III

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