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New Medical Transcription Resource Worth Getting

Posted by Chad Sines on Mon, Apr 01, 2013 @ 11:43 AM

Diane Book

We have great news. Our Director of Education has published another book!! 

Diane Gilmore's newest book focuses on advanced medical transcription practice with an opportunity to practice document preparation and other activities in an unsupervised environment, which is similar to what a real medical transcriptionist does.  Each chapter is designed to focus on one specialty utilizing comprehension exercises that test your knowledge, followed by transcription activities with real doctors that make learning fun and interesting.  Cloze exercises encourage the use of critical thinking skills to fill in missing information in reports while listening to the audio.  Keyboard transcriptions cover dictations that encompass a variety of problems in each specialty. 

Finally, you can try a taste of medical editing with speech recognition audio files that challenge you to create and format a concise, accurate medical document.  Each chapter also provides helpful Book of Style reminders regarding a particular medical specialty, helpful computer shortcuts using MS-Word, and valuable transcription tips involving each specialty that can only come from a practicing MT. 

You can pre-order this amazing book now

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