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What is Your Professional New Year's Resolution?

Posted by Chad Sines on Tue, Feb 12, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Med-Line School of Medical TranscriptionEach January, we all make New Year’s resolutions that we usually break almost as fast as we make them. We want to lose weight, we want to exercise more, etc. Noble goals indeed. But what are your resolutions for your professional skills? Are you preparing for mandatory credentialing or are you pretending it will go away?

It is very impressive that more MTs are obtaining their RMT soon after graduating. This trend is inspiring and putting many of the seasoned MTs to shame. For many, the decision to credential or not is rolled around, excuses are made, and only when it becomes critical for advancement do we take the plunge. This reactionary theme has hurt our profession one too many times, and I think many are ready to stop this pattern of self-destruction. It is time that we became more proactive. Time for the MT to take charge of their future.

The new combined CQE test (combined RMT and CMT exam) is a very interesting concept. Many seasoned MTs are not sure if they are ready for the CMT, so they continually put it off. Do you take the RMT or the CMT? Big decision. Now you can do both in one multi-part exam if you meet the eligibility requirements. With the new combined test, one can study for the CMT and come away with the RMT or CMT depending on their skill level. Either result will put you in the ranks of the credentialed professional. Scratch one more excuse off the list.

Med-Line School will be holding its next credentialing course in just a few weeks. The cost is a low $60. This continues to be the lowest cost in the industry. 

As a great way to increase your success, we are also offering some free add-ons valued at over $400.
  • Nine speciality webinars to help you fine tune your knowledge of critical areas.
  • A grammar refresher course. Focus on areas of concern for most MTs.
  • A Book of Style refresher course. A must know for all RMTs and CMTs.

We would appreciate if you could share this with any uncredentialed MTs you know and considering joining one of these groups if you are uncredentialed. 

This year, I encourage everyone to stop making excuses and set a goal that this year will be the year that you join the ranks of the credentialed MTs. Many did so last year and are now credentialed professionals. You can do it. Will you?


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