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Continuing Education Webinar- Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Posted by Chad Sines on Wed, Jan 30, 2013 @ 09:09 PM

irritable bowel
Title:  Irritable Bowel Syndrome
When: Thurs, Jan 31st 2 PM - 3 PM PST
Presenter:  Chad Sines, MS, MBA, AHDI-F
Length: 1 hour
Credits: 1 CM
Cost: $10  

Irritable bowel syndrome is considered a diagnosis of last resort, when nothing else fits. It is a very misunderstood disease with mostly symptomatic care. Attendees will learn why this disease baffles physicians and is commonly missed. Learn about the current trends in diagnosis and treatement as well as current research and novel treatments on the horizon.

Join us for this webinar!! 

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