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9 Steps to a Successful Medical Transcription Career, part 4

Posted by Marcia Gordon on Mon, Dec 04, 2017 @ 11:00 AM


Healthcare documentation has a wealth of online resources, both professionally and personally. There is more than enough activities to keep you busy and active. You will be very satisfied with the prestige of your in demand career. There are numerous opportunities for leadership and advancement as you gain experience. Enrollment and involvement in professional organizations, especially AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity) and attending online and in person meetings and networking, is highly recommended and promises to be rewarding as you learn from others.


Being a medical transcriptionist has so many benefits that it is hard to make a list, but most importantly the opportunity for the professional to evaluate their life and make huge advancements ethically, intellectually, professionally, and spiritually, by coming to the realization that belonging to this profession provides employment that really matters. Medical transcriptionists grow to realize the importance of their position, and the delicate balance they have to maintain with respect to integrity, honor, and reliance. A medical transcriptionist does not stop learning, nor do they stop developing greater personal and professional advancements. Medical transcriptionists are reliable and trustworthy. A medical transcriptionist is responsible for healthcare information that we must safeguard, and that responsibility is taken very serious.

Read steps 8 and 9 next week.

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