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Getting Ahead in Your Education- Pt 3 of 3

Posted by Chad Sines on Thu, Sep 27, 2012 @ 08:00 AM

Success4. Try to work towards the ability to accept feedback without feeling negative emotions. For some this can be difficult, however, it needs to be addressed because when you get into the field, in all likelihood you will be working under a QA manager and documents will be picked apart until they are error free. On the upside, it is best to address this necessary step with the instructor right now at this time. Know that we have all been in this position in the beginning, and also know that your errors are between you and me – it is not a personal attack. I am only giving advice based on experience, and if you accept it and move on to the next unit, implementing the suggestions and corrections, you are making progress. Errors do not equal failure. They are an expected part of the process.

5. It is beneficial to your success if you try not to get stalled in the advanced transcription portion. At this point, you have spent a great deal of time developing the skills to take with you as you being your new career. It benefits us to get you complete and hired. The more hands-on you do in this section, the better equipped you will be for the service or client. We have had students who feel midway through the advanced portion that they are work ready, and indeed go onto work with the idea that they will complete the advanced material in addition to their new job. This doesn’t usually pan out because you become busy with your new job, so be advised that the best option for you is to complete all of the advanced materials. Take a deep breath when you start the advanced and try not to get antsy to go to work until you finish.

6. Take the transcription one page at a time – try not to focus on how much you have to complete. You will be done in good time with greater understanding if each document is treated as important and necessary for your success.
We realize many students still carry jobs and have family matters to attend. What you may not realize is that several of the staff at Med-Line are also full-time students with family responsibilities. We understand the unique situation of a full-time student with real-world situations. Therefore, we are sitting ready to assist you individually, so email us and use the benefit of having an instructor. By emailing us regularly, we can assess your needs on an individual basis. Try not to get stalled during the holidays – your services are in great demand!