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Posted by Chad Sines on Fri, Aug 10, 2012 @ 06:00 AM

CommentWhat does workforce development mean for a medical transcriptionist? It can mean HIM training, EHR training, and many others. We are hearing a lot about medical coding at this year’s ACE conference. Med-Line has been on the forefront of sharing medical coding as a natural career path for medical transcriptionists, so we are happy to see this message taking hold. As the only medical coding program designed for medical transcriptionists, I have had a lot of MTs coming to me this week to learn more about and enroll in our medical coding bridge program. I have been very vocal about my feeling that the future documentation roles will be a single person who both transcribes and codes the medical document. This is a natural transition for the medical transcriptionist as the process only takes about 6 months to learn medical coding. Going from coding to transcription, well, that takes much longer. This has put the medical transcriptionist in a place of power, providing they are willing to step up and take advantage of the opportunities to take charge of their future. 

What are you doing to advance your training and prepare for the future?

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