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Continuing Education Webinar- Fibromyalgia & Trigger Point Therapy

Posted by Chad Sines on Thu, Jul 26, 2012 @ 05:00 AM

PainTitle:  Fibromyalgia & Trigger Point Therapy
When: Tue, July 31, 2012 3 PM - 4 PM PDT
Presenter:  Diana Hurkens RN, MA, MHA
Length: 1 hour
Credits: 1 CM
Cost: $10  

Once thought of as a fake diagnosis, fibromyalgia has quickly become an accepted diagnosis of body-wide pain involving the joints, muscles, and tendons. Despite the continued acceptance of the diagnosis, much is still unknown about the condition. Trigger point therapy has become a common strategy to reduce pain and inflammation by eliminating points where pain originate. Attendees will learn what fibromyalgia is and new treatments such as trigger point therapy. 

Join us for this webinar!! 

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