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Monday Technology Tip- Increase Your Productivity

Posted by Chad Sines on Mon, Jul 23, 2012 @ 10:00 AM

TechnologySurely you have heard about Speed Type, Instant Text, and other shortcut expander programs. Med-Line teaches its medical transcription students how to use expanders as part of our medical transcription training. Would you like to learn advanced techniques for optimizing both?

Have you heard of AutoHotKeys? Did you know that you can use it to create scripts that perform tasks for you? Did you know there are medical transcriptionists who will share their scripts with you?

Do you know how to use macros to perform automated tasks in Microsoft Word and Excel? Macros are a very effective way to automate things in Microsoft Office. I wrote one to help with calculating grades and in graduate school I had one that would open a few thousand data files, correlate them, and perform advanced calculations that were then presented in a nice table and cool graphs. Weeks of work happened in about 30 seconds.

So where can you go to learn tips and tricks for increasing your productivity and learning these advanced techniques? I have long been a fan of Productivity Talk. This is not one of “those forums.” This is a medical transcription forum where the focus is on sharing information about medical transcription technology. There is a wealth of knowledge in these forums and people who will help you learn to use it.

You should definitely take the time to look over Productivity Talk and use it to enhance your medical transcription career.

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