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$6 Webinars Still Available

Posted by Chad Sines on Wed, Apr 25, 2012 @ 06:43 PM

Med-Line School of Medical TranscriptionA lot of CMTs are in need of CEC credits for their renewals. Many MTs are looking for some continuing education to help further their skill set. Students are looking for educational opportunities to get ahead in their training. We have developed several recorded webinar bundles to help you meet your specific educational needs at a phenomenal price. Each webinar averages $6, a price that no one can beat.

After you complete the purchase in PayPal, please allow a few seconds for PayPal to redirect you back to our website where you will receive the links to view your videos.

Click the title to purchase the bundle. AHDI-approved CECs are listed after each webinar title.

Professional Development Bundle- $30
Professional Development- No CEC
Facebook for the Professional- 1 PD
LinkedIn for the Professional- 1 PD
Twitter for the Professional- 1 PD
Advanced Resume Building- 1 PD

Transcription in the Workplace Bundle- $30
Microsoft Powerpoint 2010- 1 TW
Microsoft Excel 2010- 1 TW
Microsoft Outlook 2010- 1 TW
Microsoft Word 2010- 1 TW
Windows 7- 1 TW

Medical Transcription Tools Bundle- $30
Formatting for the Medical Transcription- 1 MTT
Common Transcription Errors- 1 MTT
Working with PDF Files- 1 MTT
BOS Specialty Standards, Part 1- 1 MTT
BOS Specialty Standards, Part 2- 1 MTT

Medicolegal Bundle- $30
Regulatory Requirements- 1 ML
Risk Management- 1 ML
Medicolegal Aspects of the Healthcare Record- No CEC    
Critical Thinking- 1 TW

Level 1 Bundle- $30
Computer Basics - No CEC    
Dictation and Transcription Technology- No CEC        
Laboratory and Diagnostics- No CEC        
Internet Basics- No CEC    
Medical Terminology Review- No CEC    

Clinical Medicine I Bundle- $30
Cardiology- No CEC    
Neurology- No CEC    
Orthopedics- No CEC    
Oncology- No CEC    
Immunology- No CEC    

Clinical Medicine II Bundle- $30
Pulmonology- No CEC    
Ophthalmology- No CEC    
Fundamentals of Surgery in Transcription- No CEC    
GI- No CEC    
Dermatology- No CEC    

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