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Monday Technology Tip- Forwarders Beware

Posted by Chad Sines on Mon, Apr 23, 2012 @ 01:00 PM

emailWhile not exactly a technology tip per se, it is one that people really need to know. Some people love to forward lots of stuff to people who honestly have no desire to receive it. Never, ever, ever forward random emails around to people on your contact list. People hate it with a burning passion and want to find you and break your computer when they get them. It makes you look unprofessional at best ultimately hurting your medical transcription career, and at worst, can cause people to block your correspondence. 

Things that are especially off limits of forwarding are jokes, reports of viruses (most are fake), anything political, anything of an adult nature, and anything that anyone could find offensive. These types of things are not appropriate for mass sharing ever. 

It is especially not acceptable to do so to work colleagues or your boss. Never use a company’s email account to send them either. People can mark the emails as spam which could result in your company’s email server being put on a black list as a spammer. Try explaining to your boss why their business emails could not get through because of your joke. Also try explaining to your boss why your client is upset about that joke about a current political figure they are proud supporters of. I can assure you that in both cases, you will find yourself in an unhappy position. 

There are things that are appropriate to forward. Latest industry news that is relevant is fair game to a list of people it will matter to. These shared tidbits are important for keeping current in your medical transcription career. I routinely forward ICD-10 news to instructors here. Forward major association news to those who you know would be interested but do not follow it themselves. Forward positive mentionings of your company. Everyone likes to see their company with positive exposure. Essentially you are forwarding purposeful news that is relevant to the receivers. Keep in mind that some people hate even this type of forwarding. 

If you are going to forward something that is relevant such as industry news, then be sure to take the extra junk out of the email. When you click forward, clean up the subject line to remove all the FW: More than one just screams “I am spamming you. Please hate me forever.” In the body of the email, remove all the past headers. Make the email look clean and professional. Not something that you just clicked forward and sent. 

If you keep this in mind and resist that urge to forward you will keep your friends and your professional reputation and be on your way to a bright medical transcription career.

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