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Monday Technology Tip- HIPAA 5010

Posted by Chad Sines on Mon, Mar 26, 2012 @ 02:22 PM

HIPAA 5010If you have not heard the term HIPAA5010, then do not fret. Most MTs have not, but it is a big deal. Simply put HIPAA5010 is a tech update on how financial transactions are handled, i.e. how information is sent from the facility to others. This is primarily an IT update and a very complicated one. What makes it serious is that facilities have to be compliant soon to be reimbursed after the deadline. It went into effect in January with compliance set for March. This date was changed because many were struggling to meet the deadline. 

A friend of mine in my doctoral program is the CIO (Chief Information Officer) for a large multinational healthcare agency that provides healthcare to individuals who cannot afford it. According to him this has been a constant struggle even with highly-trained IT officials working on it. If they do not get it right, they do not get reimbursed. That puts it into perspective. If large groups are struggling then many small physician practices could be as well although many of those have fewer IT demands.

There is a short read on it below.

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