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Continuing Education Webinar- Imaging Studies, Part 1

Posted by Chad Sines on Mon, Feb 13, 2012 @ 10:00 AM

TMed-Line School of Medical Transcriptionitle: Imaging Studies, Part 1
When: Fri, Feb 17 2012 12 PM - 1 PM PST
Presenter: Diane Gilmore, CMT, AHDI-F
Length: 1 hour | Credits: 1 CM
Cost: $10

Diagnostic imaging tests confirm the presence of a disease when there is already suspicion or evidence of an illness, to determine the extent of disease and monitor how well a patient responds to treatment. Today tests, covering supercomputer-like power and high-end nuclear medicine systems, are a part of nearly every report transcribed by a medical transcriptionist. This webinar will review some of the traditional as well as latest imaging terminology as well as the latest advances and methods used by radiologists, including various types of radiologic imaging as well as nuclear and interventional radiology covering several medical specialties, used by radiologists to diagnose and treat medical disorders.

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