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The True Cost of Medical Transcription Training- Part 2

Posted by Chad Sines on Fri, Jan 13, 2012 @ 03:59 PM

Med-Line School of Medical TranscriptionDue to the length of this article, it is being split into two parts. Part one can be found here and should be read first. 

Credentialed Instructors
A premium medical transcription training program uses all CMT instructors for all MT-related instruction. Period. No excuses. Here is a very common way programs cut costs for their program. Sadly, it is not uncommon to see instructors with no MT credentials at all. My analogy is simple. Would you allow your child to be treated by a physician who received his/her medical training from someone who could not get his/her medical credentials? Not me. Would you want to pay for training for you that is taught by those would cannot/will not demonstrate their mastery of the profession or would you rather train with CMT instructors?

CMT Program Director
A premium medical transcription training program has a current program director who is a CMT. This person is responsible for the development and maintenance of the program. Everything revolves around the program. A past developer who was a CMT does not cut it. Does the program have a current program director who is a CMT?

Real Textbooks
A premium medical transcription training program uses real, current edition medical-grade textbooks. These books are expensive and are a substantial cost of the course. Many program offering “discounted” tuition rates use company-prepared pamphlets or other non-textbook materials. They save a lot of money, charge you less, and you… get a print out. While these might make for decent supplemental material, it is hard to understand why a quality program would not use industry-proven textbooks. So ask them about their materials.

Paid Internship
A premium medical transcription training program offers a paid internship at industry rates. A paid internship is a rarity in this industry. In my personal opinion, there is no other marker of a school’s confidence in their medical transcription training program than when they have you work on their production company’s live accounts and actually pay you for it. These schools are putting you on accounts that they would lose if their training was subpar. Currently I can count on a couple fingers programs that offer this. Med-Line’s paid internship is so popular students from other programs contact us to request to be a part of it; however, it is only available to our expertly trained students.

RMT Preparation
A premium medical transcription training program promotes the RMT exam as necessary for all students. It provides credentialing training at no cost for students. Med-Line offers credentialing preparation as part of its course at no cost. We know the value of this credential and know that graduates with the RMT are better positioned for placement and advancement, not to mention our graduates have a high pass rate. 

Individualized Job Placement
A premium medical transcription training program offers individualized job placement. A high quality medical transcription school that trains you to the acute care level has little difficulty placing their graduates. Others often hand you a list of companies that have agreed to talk with their graduates and scoot you out of the door to find your own job. This is when you hear that common phrase “two to three years’ experience required.” Schools with a stellar reputation have contacts to bypass this requirement and actively work to get you placed. This is an area Med-Line also excels in. The industry knows the high caliber of our students.

So there you have it. The difference between a premium medical transcription training program like Med-line and a subpar program is extensive. The price tag alone does not tell the whole story. The goal of any student is to position themselves for current and future success in the job market. This is the goal of Med-Line and the reason behind our success and name recognition in the industry.

So train at Med-Line and succeed.