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How Are You Preparing for a Changing Job Market?

Posted by Chad Sines on Mon, Nov 14, 2011 @ 02:44 PM

Med-Line School of Medical TranscriptionDon't freak out. It is possible to be appropriately frightened about the current economic downturn of our country without losing your cool. Cool heads prevail. In this environment, all jobs are scarce although transcriptionists with acute care training are having their pick from the best. The rate of unemployment is overwhelming and has led some individuals to adapt new attitudes. A lot of people are reevaluating their educational training and skills. It is a fact that the more training a person has in a specific field, the more qualified and sought after he/she is for a particular position. One area that requires specific training and skills is the health care industry. Health care is an ever-changing career field. There is constant movement to consolidate, organize, manage and market information to the general public. And with change comes opportunity. Jobs in health care are widespread and ever evolving. The electronic health record adoption has also created a need for more qualified documentation experts. Hospitals and doctors' offices are transitioning into complete electronic filing systems and some are even moving away from traditional transcription. This change requires a higher level of specialty that many transcriptionists currently possess. Many transcriptionists are using what little time is left before the mandatory adoption of the EHR to enhance their skill sets in order to open doors they were previously afraid to open. The question many are asking themselves is 'Am I marketable in this upcoming job market?' ‘Is there a way for me to quickly improve my technical skill set without breaking the bank?”

Each professional decision you make has its ability to be a building block towards the tower of success. Evaluate your goals, learn about possible training courses that can be completed in as little as six months. Now is the time to start defining yourself. There are many opportunities for people with health care training to succeed in this fast-changing job market. 

Med-Line School is please to be a part of evolving today's transcriptionist into tomorrow's documentation leaders. Our Medical Coding Bridge Program has seen a inspirational reception from MTs looking to advance their skill sets in a program designed to build on their knowledge without re-inventing the wheel and doing so at a price that fits in any budget.

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