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Acute Care Training is Not Optional

Posted by Chad Sines on Fri, Nov 04, 2011 @ 06:26 PM

Med-Line Career AdvancementEvery now and then someone will ask me “Why is it so important that I have training to the acute care level?” My response is simple “Do you want to work in the industry or fight over the dwindling scraps?”

As you begin talking to the person you often hear about their frustration with limited account options as well as many being displaced by speech recognition or offshoring. What people are finally beginning to realize is that training to the clinic work level is not sufficient.

Case in point, I spoke to an individual a few weeks ago who has been doing clinic work for 15 years. The work was easy according to her. So easy that it went overseas. Her company moved her to an acute care account and after a couple of weeks let her go due to her inability to handle the complexity of the work. “I had no idea what I was doing.” Think about it. Fifteen years and now obsolete.

By far the majority of the conversations go like this: I went to (insert school name) and was done in 6 months. I cannot find a job anywhere. No one will give me the time of day. A few have told me to come to you for acute care training.

As we talk and they learn the importance of acute care training and why Med-Line leads the industry in both acute care training with their full program as well as their Acute Care transition program for those looking to uptrain, the usual comment is “wish I had known all this before.” Hearing about availability of a paid acute care level internship as well as job placement assistance, they usually cannot wait to start.

Still not convinced that you need acute care training? Over the course of the last few months we have received requests for over 100 acute care trained transcriptionists. No acute care, no need to apply. Period. End of story.   What else needs to be said about why acute care training is a must?


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