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Medical Coding Enrollment Savings Extended

Posted by Chad Sines on Wed, Nov 02, 2011 @ 05:26 PM

We have seen a huge positive response to the Medical Coding Bridge course. We knew the industry was in need of a no nonsense transition course to coding at a cost that made sense, but we had no idea just how many of you were also thinking along the same lines. A great many MTs contacted us to express their thanks for creating a program that acknowledged their superior medical background training and focused only on new material. We received even more compliments over the price. 

Since our press release went out on Monday we have had a large number of people asking for an extension of the October savings. Based on this, we have decided to extend the savings until November 15 th

  • Enroll at the introductory price of $1800
  • Pay in full at enrollment and receive your books for free, a $350 value

We also offer a no-interest payment plan that fits in most any budget. You can enroll for $225 down and make 7 monthly payments of $225. You can choose to purchase your books through us for $350 or purchase them yourself.

I have added weekly orientations every Saturday through the end of the year. These are about 15-20 minutes presenting the program and then questions/answers. Attendees receive links to three CEC webinars. My contact information is below should you want to talk about the program or have any questions.

I hope you will see great opportunity in enriching your professional skills that we see.  With all the changes in the EHR and transcription compensation, many are looking for new skills to add to their tool belt. They want to shape their own future. I look forward to you being one of them.

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