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Medical Coding as Continuing Education

Posted by Chad Sines on Mon, Oct 17, 2011 @ 11:00 AM

Med-Line Medical CodingOne of the proven ways to make more money in the health care field is to be able to do more than one specialized job. Maybe you feel stuck in your current job path and need a way to branch out? Perhaps you feel all the changes in healthcare documentation are leaving you confused about the future and the stress is driving you crazy? The feeling of your career being stalled, or of watching everything change around you while nothing seems to change for you are a part of struggle many face. The answer is pretty simple--when you discover the value of continuing education. Medical Coding can be a feather in your professional cap.

The health care field is an ever-changing one and the more you can do to enhance your marketable skills to keep pace, the better off you are in the long run. The best way to ensure that you remain in high demand is to learn new areas that compliment and leverage what you already know. Picking up continuing education in related areas can make you invaluable to either your current employer or a prospective new one. The value of continuing education to the progress of your personal and career goals cannot be overestimated.

One area of explosive and complex growth in the health care sector in recent years is in the field of medical coding. In this era of increased revenue pressures on government and private insurers, all looking to reimburse providers as little as they can, every medical business offices need someone who can get the coding done right the first time.

From the largest hospital chains on down to the smallest family practice, they all need someone who can get the services performed by the medical providers rapidly and accurately coded to forward documentation to the billing department in order to maintain the office's lifeblood--its cash flow.  

With our new medical coding program, tailored especially for individuals like you, ones with prior medical documentation experience, that most valuable employee could be you. Attend our free program orientation on October 22nd.

The ICD-9 manuals are in three large volumes that when first examined are both confusing and daunting. Our program will teach you all of the current best practices in order for you to reduce your office's rejection rate and to maximize the reimbursements rightfully owed to the medical practice.

Taking what you already know about the names of diagnoses, procedures, anatomy, and medical office business practices, we will help you to build an even better career upon that foundation. The value of continuing education will become self-evident when you can add knowledge of medical billing codes to your resume. 


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