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There is No Such Thing as "The Right Time"

Posted by Chad Sines on Tue, Oct 11, 2011 @ 08:00 AM

Med-Line Right TimeEvents in life happen that seem to make it the wrong time to follow dreams. It seems it's never the right time for doing anything you really want to do. The washer and dryer go out, and you have to buy new ones. The death of a friend or family member requires a trip to another state. Your spouse gets a good job in another city, and you put off pursuing your education so that you can move. The truth is simple. There is never a “right time” for anything. There will always be obstacles, bills, family matters to contend with. When you wait for that “right time” you never accomplish your goals.

Thinking about reaching a goal is not the same as actually taking the first step to get there. The first step is by far the most difficult, but it is the most important one to take. As you consider your future, you must seize the opportunity to advance yourself when it presents itself.

You must always adjust your priorities to ensure that the needs of your family and yourself are met. Your personal and professional goals will likely become a top priority at some point. For example, a solid education can lay the foundation for you to provide financially for your family and to feel a sense of professional fulfillment that you hadn't previously experienced.

When you adjust your priorities, opportunities that help you achieve your goals will come. Adjusting your attitude from, “It’ll never happen,” or “It would be nice, but. . .” to “I really want this to happen” is the first task in accomplishing your goal.

The next task is to look for ways to make it happen. You will probably have to make some significant life adjustments to accommodate your education or any other goal you want to reach. You may have to stay up later, send your kids to a babysitter or rise earlier. If you want something badly enough and are willing to fight for it, most of the time, it can happen.

You must take action if you want to accomplish any goal that you have. The more you think about it as a remote possibility instead of a real one, the longer it will be before you realize your dreams. Now is the time to do take the first step. If what you want to do is start a new career that will open up future opportunities for you and your family, then Med-Line is the only answer. There is no need to settle when it comes to your education. You want to build a firm foundation to develop a strong career.

Thinking about your goals involves planning. Planning is an action that can lead to effectively using the resources you have to get where you want to be. Planning involves considering your options and weighing which ones are the most feasible, realistic and desirable given your current circumstances in life. Each option you have will most likely have some drawbacks. It’s these drawbacks that often make people decide that they would rather not take that first step. They think their goals are too hard to accomplish or are too far out of reach.

Thinking, “Maybe someday” isn’t good enough. You must have the confidence in yourself to act now. You can do what you set out to do. The biggest obstacle in your way is you.

Gather the support you need to accomplish your goals, including friends and family. Research all of the outlets you can think of for resources to help you. You will discover ideas and resources that you didn’t know are available to you.

Have faith that what you want to do for yourself, your friends, family, community or the world is a worthy goal. When you have that faith and hold tight to it, you know that you can surmount obstacles that come your way. You won’t have a completely smooth path to achieving your dreams. Problems and challenges are bound to arise. That’s life. If you have to put off your dreams for a short while to deal with other, more important priorities, that is fine. However, keep your end goal in mind. Return to it with strength and renewed resolve when you are able.

Perseverance is vital to accomplishing your goal. You may make hundreds of mistakes along the way. You must be willing to learn from your mistakes and to continue to try, no matter what or who gets in your way.

Seize the opportunities that come your way in life to reach your dreams. If opportunities don’t readily present themselves, make your own opportunities. You may have to adjust your game plan from time to time, but you can stand wherever you want to be if you first say, “I can do this,” and then take action to accomplish your goals. Never give up. Make now the right time!

Chad Sines, MS, MBA, AHDI-F
Director of Admissions 

Topics: Medical Transcription Training