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Monday Technology Tip- Internet Resources

Posted by Chad Sines on Mon, Sep 05, 2011 @ 06:00 AM

Med-Line InternetToday’s tech tip is on Internet resources. A lot of people will tell you to shun the Internet as a resource. While this is useful when you are new and unable to determine which sites are credible and which are not, once you learn this skill you can quickly research terms and information. Here are some to get you started.

What makes these sites reliable? They are academic peer-reviewed, government health, recognized professional site, or they link to sites that are.  

Dictionary site

What makes this site so nice is that it takes you to other reliable sites. It used to link to Stedmans and Dorlands, but I do not think they do anymore. It was a phenomenal resource when it had these two included.

Click Customize at the top. Change General to Medicine and turn off the advertisements.

Physician Lookup

This site is the American Medical Association’s (AMA) physician lookup. The amount of information is limited; however, it can be useful. Remember to never guess which physician you are supposed to be cc’ing.

Medication Info

This is absolutely one of my favorite references sites. You can see the dosages that medications come in, dosages for certain ailments, and a bunch more information. It is a great personal resource for any new medication as it gives side effects, pharmacology information, etc.

Acronym Finder

Confused on what an acronym mean? This can yield a lot of results so I would suggest the dictionary site first.

Lab Tests

This site gives information on a lot of lab tests, what they are used for, etc. I really like this site as there is just so much background information.

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