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Comments about #ace365 #ahdi- Are we more than MT only?

Posted by Chad Sines on Fri, Aug 10, 2012 @ 01:00 PM


It has been a few years since we changed our name from AAMT to AHDI. The goal of this change was to incorporate a larger healthcare documentation role. If you look at the wording of our mission statement and strategic goals, it is clear that the aim is beyond just the medical transcription role. 

Despite this growth idea, we still have a lot of individuals who only want to see the medical transcription component discussed. When we have national director candidates we ask if they are medical transcriptionists and if they have their CMT. I heard this a few times before the last Board elections and here as well. This has bugged me for a while now. 

I would love to see an MBA who is in any healthcare documentation industry and can help lead us from a pure business side. I would love to see a medical coder who can help us do more than talk around coding topics. I would love to see a vendor company owner who can help us see issues from that end. I would like to see an MTSO owner of a larger company. It would also be great to see a computer programmer who works on healthcare documentation software. If any of these individuals ran, I honestly do not think they would receive a warm welcome. We would be stuck on whether or not they had a CMT even if they are a PhD computer programmer. 

Imagine what this Association could do if we could finally accept that we are not a medical transcription only industry and move beyond that image. At that point, I think we would begin to see such a dramatic change that our members would take notice and begin to rekindle that passion that we are longing to get back.

Your thoughts?

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Comments about #ace365 #ahdi- Workforce Development

Posted by Chad Sines on Fri, Aug 10, 2012 @ 06:00 AM

CommentWhat does workforce development mean for a medical transcriptionist? It can mean HIM training, EHR training, and many others. We are hearing a lot about medical coding at this year’s ACE conference. Med-Line has been on the forefront of sharing medical coding as a natural career path for medical transcriptionists, so we are happy to see this message taking hold. As the only medical coding program designed for medical transcriptionists, I have had a lot of MTs coming to me this week to learn more about and enroll in our medical coding bridge program. I have been very vocal about my feeling that the future documentation roles will be a single person who both transcribes and codes the medical document. This is a natural transition for the medical transcriptionist as the process only takes about 6 months to learn medical coding. Going from coding to transcription, well, that takes much longer. This has put the medical transcriptionist in a place of power, providing they are willing to step up and take advantage of the opportunities to take charge of their future. 

What are you doing to advance your training and prepare for the future?

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Comments about #ace365 #ahdi- Project Sunshine

Posted by Chad Sines on Fri, Aug 10, 2012 @ 01:07 AM

ThinkingAHDI-West is offering ACE attendees an opportunity to offer children with health challenges a little bit of Sunshine by providing cards that will brighten their day. 

There is no cost other than a couple of minutes of your time. We have markers, colored pencils, stickers and crayons. Even those of us without artistic skills can do this. 

Stop by the AHDI-West booth (straight back once you walk into the exhibit hall). You can make one, two, or more cards and offer a little bit of sunshine to a child.

Can you spare 5 minutes?


Comments about #ace365 #ahdi- Do more than complain

Posted by Chad Sines on Wed, Aug 08, 2012 @ 05:00 AM

ThinkingI am going to try to write some short comments during this ACE regarding items that come up. The timing will be as I have time.

While attending ACE 2012, I noticed just how often people were quick to offer an opinion about something they did not like, but they seemed to be offering little other than the comment. Over the years, I have noticed that those who complained the most were most often either someone who was heavily involved long ago but did not like that things change or they simply are not involved for no real reason other than some excuse. Advice is helpful but if all someone has to offer is what they do not like, then there comes a point where they are part of the problem. Karen Fox, current president, made a point that we need an "association by participation." This is not a sit back and watch others work association. We are all volunteers. When we say AHDI needs to do something, what we are saying is that we, ourselves, need to do something. We need to have people who are involved in more than providing negative feedback and are getting involved. The world is filled with Monday quarterbacks, but far too few actually do anything beyond talking. I jokingly made the comment today that we should require that anyone who says “I do not like…” should be required to end the comment by saying “and I volunteer to actively make it that way.” If only..

Am I alone in this thinking?


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