Medical Transcription Tools

Important Note: Per AHDI guidelines, those seeking CEC credit for the CMT will need to write a 300-word essay and keep these as their proof of attendance.

BOS Specialty Standards Part 1   

1 hour:  A review of specialty standards using the Book of Style reference, including cardiology, hematology/oncology, pharmacology, dermatology, immunology, organisms and bacteria, and more.  CEC: 1 MTT

BOS Specialty Standards Part 2   

1 hour:  A review of specialty standards using the Book of Style reference, including cardiology, hematology/oncology, pharmacology, dermatology, immunology, organisms and bacteria, and more.  CEC: 1 MTT

Windows 7     

A review and in depth demonstration of the newest features of Windows 7.  Attendees will also learn how to upgrade from their current operating system and watch a demonstration of helpful tips and tricks including file organization, security information, and much more.   CEC:  1.5 TW

Computer Security, Safety, &  Maintenance     

A theoretical approach to computer, network, and data security, including helpful tips on how to protect your data.  CEC: 1.5 TW

Increasing Technology With Word Expanders     Presenter:  Diane Gilmore, CMT, AHDI-F

Join Diane as she explains and demonstrates word expanders for medical transcription.  This workshop will help the most seasoned MTs work smarter and produce more in less time with tips that will help maximize income.  Learn challenging new ways to use text expansion software in ways never thought possible to improve production and quality.  First learn helpful tips regarding regular text expander entries, then go on to see how to make a text expander work in other amazing ways.  For example, learn how to make an entry go back in a phrase to enter punctuation marks such as quotes or hyphens, incorporate existing platform headings, and even learn how to build an expander library from a basic foundation of word part entries.  This webinar is a must for production-oriented MTs.   CEC:  1.5 TW or 1.5 MTT

Working with PDF Files     

A close look at Adobe Reader and Acrobat, explaining file extensions, fillable PDF forms, scanning, and a detailed look at how to work with and manipulate PDF files, shown in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader.  CEC:  1.5 TW or 1.5 MTT

Microsoft Word     Presenter:  Chad Sines, MS, MBA, AHDI-F

Med-Line’s technology instructor covers the newest Word 2007 and 2010 components, security features, auto-recovery, as well as review the key differences between 2007 and 2010.  Watch a live demonstration of the exciting new 2010 interface!  CEC:  1.5 TW or 1.5 MTT

Common Transcription Errors     Presenter:  Diane Gilmore, CMT, AHDI-F

Join Diane as she reviews Common Transcription Errors and how to avoid them. Medical errors account for 100,000 deaths each year in the United States, of which 11% of those errors are mistranscriptions.  Careless mistakes in creating the medical record not only make you look unprofessional, but can harm a patient.  Learn about such mistakes as medical spelling and dosage errors, soundalike word errors, garbage punctuation, and “goose eggs” that wind up in the medical record and how to avoid them while keeping up productivity and accuracy.  CEC:  1 MTT

Microsoft Powerpoint     Presenter:  Chad Sines, MS, MBA, AHDI-F

In a virtual workforce, Powerpoint is heavily used in online presentations and meetings. Despite this most have only a rudimentary knowledge at best of how to use Powerpoint effectively. Participants will learn what Powerpoint is, how to use it, and learn how to make a basic presentation with title page, images, graphs, and other basic information that is used for a presentation. CEC:  1.5 TW or 1.5 MTT

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Presenter: Chad Sines, MS, MBA, AHDI-F

Working in a virtual environment requires professionals to use email as a near primary means of communication. With the ability to schedule appointments, track tasks, sort emails, and even automate contact management, Outlook is a must know. Attendees will learn how to set up a POP/IMAP email account, create tasks, create appointments, and sort mail using filtering options. Although the skills learned are applicable to all versions of Outlook, the presentation will show it for Outlook 2010.  1 TW

Encryption- Not Just for the Techies  Presenter: Chad Sines, MS, MBA, AHDI-F

Gone is the time when the transcriptionist can expect their tech department to handle all their encryption needs. With the serious bite of HITECH, MTs are on notice that they must personally be using encryption on devices that handle PHI. Additionally, wise individuals know to encrypt personally-sensitive information such as banking, correspondence, and other information they wish to stay private. Participants will learn what encryption is, how to use it, and learn how to use a free high-level encryption program to secure their machine.  CEC: 1 TW or 1 MTT

How to Do a Webinar  Presenter: Chad Sines, MS, MBA, AHDI-F

(this webinar has not been given yet, so no archive is available)

In a virtual environment, webinars are an integral part of the transcriptionist’s day. From the office to the professional association, transcriptionists need to be able to present a webinar. This presentation will demonstrate how to create, schedule, and administer a webinar. CEC: 1 TW

Microsoft Excel Presenter: Chad Sines, MS, MBA, AHDI-F

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program that is often underutilized. It can be used for everything from budgeting to financial reports to tracking line counts.  Participants will learn basic and advanced tools in Excel such as how to create a budget and how to track line counts and expected pay. CEC: 1 TW

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