Clinical Medicine

Important Note: Per AHDI guidelines, those seeking CEC credit for the CMT will need to write a 300-word essay and keep these as their proof of attendance.

Cardiac Valve Disease Presenter: Diana Hurkens RN, MA, MHA

According to the American Heart Association, about 5 million Americans are diagnosed with heart valve disease each year. Learn about cardiac valve disease, diagnosis, treatment, and new research and treatment regimens CEC: 1 CM.

Fibromyalgia & Trigger Point Therapy Presenter: Diana Hurkens RN, MA, MHA

Once thought of as a fake diagnosis, fibromyalgia has quickly become an accepted diagnosis of body-wide pain involving the joints, muscles, and tendons. Despite the continued acceptance of the diagnosis, much is still unknown about the condition. Trigger point therapy has become a common strategy to reduce pain and inflammation by eliminating points where pain originate. Attendees will learn what fibromyalgia is and new treatments such as trigger point therapy. CEC: 1 CM.

Ophthalmology     Presenter:  Diane Gilmore, CMT, AHDI-F

Even though the eye itself is very small—about 1 inch in diameter on average—it is a delicate, complex structure that is often called the most complex organ in the body. Success in transcribing ophthalmologic reports requires familiarity with the specialized terminology used to describe the anatomy and physiology of the eye as well as a working knowledge of the diseases that affect the eyes, along with their respective treatments. This webinar provides an introduction to the anatomy of the human eye and the process of vision; it also describes the procedures used to examine the eye as well as typical methods of diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of the eye.  CEC:  1.5 CM

Fundamentals of Surgery in Transcription Presenter:  Diane Gilmore, CMT, AHDI-F

This webinar will serve as a foundation on which to build your knowledge of preparing surgical reports in the acute care setting.  Learn the general concepts of surgery, along with terms typically encountered by a medical transcriptionist in transcribing operative reports, including patient positioning, anesthesia, fluids, tools and instruments, wound closures and coverings, formatting issues, and common surgical phrases, all of which will enable you to create accurate, grammatically correct documentation of surgical procedures.  CEC:  1.5 CM

Celiac Disease- The Mystery Disease  Presenter:   Chad Sines, MS, MBA, AHDI-F

Celiac disease affects approximately 1% of the population. Despite this high incidence, most physicians fail to recognize the symptoms and fail to diagnose it. With symptoms ranging from nausea, vomiting, weight changes to fainting, seizures, and fatigue, the disease is often attributed to many other diseases or left undiagnosed. Learn what this disease is, why it is such a mystery, and the novel approach to treating it. CEC:  1 CM 

Crohn's Disease- New Research and Novel Treatments Presenter: Chad Sines, MS, MBA, AHDI-F

Crohn's disease is an inflammatory bowel disease affecting over 500  million people in North America alone. While initially thought to be an autoimmune disease, current research has revealed that it is most like an immune deficiency. This webinar will discuss current understanding of the disease based on recent research as well as novel approaches that are being developed to treat this potentially devastating disease. CEC: 1 CM 

COPD Presenter:  Diane Gilmore, CMT, AHDI-F

COPD is a serious lung disease and now the third leading cause of death in the United States as well as causing long-term disability.  This webinar explores the damage caused by COPD, a deeper discussion of its two main disorders of chronic bronchitis and emphysema, and its long-term impact on patient health. Both traditional and the latest cutting-edge diagnostic, pharmacological, and surgical treatment procedures used to slow progression of the disease will be discussed as well as current research into future treatment possibilities.  CEC: 1 CM

Oncology     Presenter:  Diane Gilmore, CMT, AHDI-F

Cell structure and the genetic formation of cancer, the systems used to grade and classify cancers according to severity or metastasis, common lab and diagnostic tests used to analyze, detect, and diagnose, and various modalities of treatment.  Transcription tips, BOS rules, terminology nomenclature. Attendees will also learn about new treatment modalities in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer.  CEC:  1 CM

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Presenter: Chad Sines, MS, MBA, AHDI-F

Irritable bowel syndrome is considered a diagnosis of last resort, when nothing else fits. It is a very misunderstood disease with mostly symptomatic care. Attendees will learn why this disease baffles physicians and is commonly missed. Learn about the current trends in diagnosis and treatement as well as current research and novel treatments on the horizon. CEC: 1 CM

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy   Presenter: Chad Sines, MS, MBA, AHDI-F

While much of the medical community is unfamiliar with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, it has been successfully used in wound treatment, carbon monoxide poisoning, and decompression sickness. In recent decades research has indicated the possibility that hyperbaric oxygen could benefit those with neurologic conditions, such as stroke and traumatic brain injury. While still considered an alternative treatment for neurologic issues, attention has increased significantly. Attendees will learn what hyperbaric oxygen therapy is, the physics behind it, and current research that may reshape how neurologic conditions are treated. CEC: 1 CM

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