Administrative Medical Assisting FAQs


Job Outlook

Administrative medical assistant jobs are fast growing, even in today's job market. Currently there are approximately 527,000 people employed as medical assistants. With a growth expectancy of 31%, employment rates in this field are growing at twice the average rate (14%). According the United States Department of Labor, in 2010 the median salary for a medical assistant was $28,860 per year, with the top 10% making over $40,000 a year.

The medical career field continues to grow exponentially each year as demand steadily outweighs supply. This continuous need for additional medical staff creates job security for non-medical professionals as administrative medical assistants.

Possibilities for Advancement

The American Registry of Medical Assistants offers a professional association for qualified medical assistants. Professional associations offer networking possibilities for future job placement, continuing education opportunities, and newsletters that highlight innovations and current trends in the field. Administrative medical assistants are eligible to register as medical assistants after they have completed training to perform clinical duties in addition to the clerical duties they train for in administrative programs. This distinction allows men and women interested in medical assisting to start working in a medical office quickly as an administrative medical assistant and grow their career while working. This is a particularly desirable path for those who are unsure about working with bodily fluids and have physical contact with patients, but would like to work within the medical field.

Choosing to become an Administrative Medical Assistant

Administrative medical assistants are well organized with an eye for detail. They are friendly and welcoming, while able to firmly handle difficult customer service situations. They must be reliable, professional, and able to work with minimal supervision. Medical offices are often busy places, with a steady stream of work throughout the business day. Administrative medical assistants are expected to keep regular hours and function on predictable schedules with routine practices.

If becoming an administrative medical assistant sounds like the perfect job for you, it is time to look into technical programs that will jump start your career. For more information about Administrative Medical Assistant training check out what we have to offer.