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Med-Line School was founded in 1990. The school was taught in a traditional style classroom until 1999. In 1998, Med-Line was licensed and approved by the state of Texas as a distance education career college and has been an advocate for superior education since its inception, keeping the program materials relevant and up-to-date, weathering all kinds of economies since 1998, and has been fortunate to successfully produce and place talented transcriptionists, medical coders, pharmacy technicians, and other healthcare professionals. 

Med-Line School is an AHDI-approved school and the staff maintains committee memberships with AHDI that deal with educational approval of schools, curriculum development, and advocacy in Washington DC for the betterment of the profession. The philosophy of Med-Line School is that MTs should be required to have their credentials, and Med-Line School brings their students to and through an extensive study group so that they can test for their credentials and graduate with their RMT at the time of completion, and be successfully placed and viewed as a graduate with knowledge and merit.

One of the biggest assets Med-Line School has for the MT community is the internship program that has actually provided qualified advanced students with extensive minutes of hands on time, with the bonus of a stipend. Our criteria is simple – trust, trust that the advanced MT student will use the professionalism taught in our courses and has credibility and able to conduct themselves according to the law, ethics, and professional conduct. MSMT has had many successful interns go through the program and most have re-earned their entire tuition in the internship. This has been MSMT’s biggest asset over the years, and unmatched by other schools who have unsuccessfully tried to mimic us.

In 2009, Med-Line went “green” with the design of our platform for our students to easily and electronically conduct their studies and turn in their tests and materials. Another milestone for the management team of Med-Line School was our entry into the advocacy efforts for the profession and in 2008, the Med-Line team began journeying to Washington DC on an annual basis to promote the MT career, professionalism and quality documentation, in addition to excellence in programming.

Diana Hurkens, Canadian RN., MA, MHA is the President and CEO of Med-line School of Medical Transcription.  She joins our team with extensive knowledge and experience in post secondary on-line education, course curriculum development, health care documentation integrity as well as being an instructor, Registered Nurse and Psychologist.  Diana takes a very hands-on approach with students and encourages students to contact her with concerns, comments or feedback regarding Med-line School.  As primary curriculum developer, Diana continues to provide quality courses with the intention of adding new and exciting programs that compliment the current course offerings.

As of 2011, we are proudly advocating mandatory credentialing, following the direction of AHDI. In order to provide more to the MT community in support of mandatory credentialing, Med-Line School expanded their credentialing study groups and now holds several preperatory groups per year. With regard to mandatory credentialing, the educators of Med-Line School of Medical Transcription firmly believe that the requirement should also be applied to schools employing educators who are not credentialed. AHDI is rapidly moving towards requiring the profession to be credentialed. MSMT has always required their instructors to be CMTs; all curricula that has to do with medical transcription, is taught by a CMT. It is our endeavor that the profession and our association require all colleges, community and otherwise, to require their instructors likewise to be CMTs, something that has not occurred and is a current focus of our efforts.

MSMT’s goals for now and the future include mandatory credentialing by April 2012 for all MTs in the country, including instructors of all educational programs teaching and/or developing curricula in the field of medical transcription, and to bring the MT students and our MT community to a higher professionalism by our efforts in advocacy, education, credentialing, by our involvement in the association, the community, and by informing our MT audience of significant issues affecting our careers by social networking.

MSMT has always provided the very best education that you can get in this country by dedication to the program, our curricula, use of quality materials and real textbooks, in addition to staying abreast and current with regards to the profession. Med-Line’s efforts and significant advances in medical transcription education have been highly sought after, and mimicked by competing schools. Our instructors are licensed and credentialed, and very actively involved in the profession, and the staff remains active community servants.

Med-Line School will work hard to bring your career to realization by giving you the best education and instructorship, and bring you into the profession as a team member as we work for the betterment of the profession with passion and knowledge.

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