informational webinarWith over 25 years’ experience, Med-Line School is the leader in premium career college healthcare documentation training. Med-Line offers training in medical transcription, medical coding, credentialing preparation, continuing education, and uptraining for individuals seeking more career opportunities.  Med-Line School exceeds industry standards in education and actively works to raise the bar in healthcare documentation training.



Medical Scribe:

Medical Scribe

Med-Lines's medical scribe program teaches the fundamentals of the medical scribe industry along with office management to allow for the unique opportunities to work alongside a medical professional in an EHR environment in 6 months.

Healthcare Documentation Specialist:

Healthcare Documentation Specialist

Med-Line School's healthcare documentation specialist combines two core programs, medical transcription and medical coding into a single high-impact program that is designed to position graduates for success. Students leave this program with the knowledge of both a medical transcriptionist and a medical coder.

Medical Transcription Programs:

Advanced Medical Transcription Online Course

Med-Line School leads the field in medical transcription and medical editing/speech recognition training.  As an ACCP-approved program with 25 years in the industry, Med-Line offers a complete program that is unrivaled. Med-Line’s complete medical transcription program is self-paced and on average it takes about 18 months. Med-Line School trains to the acute care level, the highest in the business. Med-Line School uses credentialed instructors who work in the industry to offer the most effective training. Med-Line offers an externship to qualified students, a rarity in medical transcription training. Upon graduation, Med-Line offers individualized job placement assistance.  Med-Line School of Medical Transcription has an outstanding track record for graduate placement.

Medical Coding Programs:

Comprehensive Medical Coding Course

According to research from the US Department of Labor on the future growth of the healthcare industry, Medical Records and Health Information Technician occupations have an expected growth of 20% by 2018. That's an estimated 35,100 new jobs within this field of expertise. Our complete medical coding program is designed to prepare the student for both physician- and hospital-based coding. This coding program builds a strong medical knowledge foundation that prepares the student for learning how to code healthcare documentation.  This course enrolls students without a medical background and will teach core medical knowledge.  

Pharmacy Technician Program:


The pharmacy technician position is one of the fastest growing in the modern job market, as an aging population leads naturally to the need for a greater number of qualified, well-trained pharmacy employees. Due to this demand, and the overall appeal of pharmacy technician careers, Med-Line School is excited to announce the introduction of a comprehensive, three-month pharmacy technician course. Through this course, students will gain all of the necessary knowledge to pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam and work effectively in a growing, rewarding industry.

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